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Lubrication  System  Type
一、Single Line Resistance Lubrication Systems (SLR)
designing, specifying, ordering, and installing a centralized lubrication system
   The system was developed by the Nanjing jilube of a low-pressure type lubrication system SLR, working pressure for the 0.17-3MPa, for the lubricant (viscosity range 20-750mm2 / s) of machinery need to be equipped centralized lubrication, the lubrication points in a -60 months, all kinds of machinery lubrication system economical.l system components: fuel supply units, distribution units, control units, micro-computer controller, pipeline accessories.
l Scope of application:
a. Periodic Lubrication System
Work cycle, lubrication pump, through the BJ distribution unit (measurement items) will be prorated to the various lubricants lubrication points, for periodic lubrication.b. Continuous Lubrication System
Continuous lubrication pump, by KJ Distribution Unit (Control cases) will be allocated proportionally lubricant to each lubrication point to achieve a continuous lubrication.l Its characteristics are as follows:
⑴ pump oil through the lubricating oil filter filtration, filtration accuracy of 40μ.⑵ oil lubrication points, the amount of control by BJ oiling parts, according to a predetermined volume ratio of oil to oil, and lubricating the distance between the points has nothing to do.
⑶ allocation unit can dispose of asphalt in any one stream, so that the system for each lubrication points are to be oil.
⑷ pipe pressure loss is small, lubrication points, lubrication equipment can be set anywhere.
⑸ using pressure oil supply, distribution to various lubrication points, oil and temperature, the viscosity change has nothing to do.
⑹ unique Jilube seal design, which can effectively prevent the junction leakage of lubricant.
⑺ the whole system compact, convenient and small installation space.
⑻ apply to rolling, sliding bearings, gears, chains, cams, guides etc. deputy campaign lubrication.
l Application: This system is widely used in textiles, machine tools, packaging, printing, carpentry, plastics, forging, escalators and other machinery
二、Positive Displacement Injector (PDI) Systems 
designing, specifying, ordering, and installing a centralized lubrication system
   The system was developed by the Nanjing jilube precision machinery lubrication system of a PDI, according to the need for lubrication points in precise quantitative oil, oil supply from the quantitative oiling parts (PDI) control, the minimum oil quantity for each and every 0.025 ml, maximum fuel supply for each of 0.5ml. Lubricant viscosity range of 10 ~ 2000mm2 / S, working pressure of 1.75 ~ 4MPa, filtration precision 25 ~ 40μ.l system components: Quantitative oil supply unit, quantitative distribution of units, quantitative control unit, micro-computer controller, pipeline accessories.
l How it works: Quantitative oil unit output pressure oil through rationing fuel cell into the measuring chamber to determine the system pressure rise to 1.4-1.75Mpa, the system of pressure sensors signal. Quantitative fuel supply unit to stop oil and unloading, until the oil pressure in the system dropped below 0.2Mpa, quantitative distribution of cells began to lubrication points, lubrication, to complete a job. The quantitative micro-computer controller is equipped with fuel supply unit can be automatically machine lubrication from time to time quantitative work.
l Application: This system is widely used in engineering, construction, light industry, textiles, machine tools, packaging, printing, carpentry, plastics, forging, glass, escalators and other small devices, in particular, is to require oil sophisticated equipment.
l Its characteristics are as follows:
1, lubrication point increase or decrease more convenient.
2, fuel supply accurate.
3, fuel supply reliability, system pressure can be controlled and monitored.
4, lubricant use: dilute the oil, dry oil
三、Open gear spray grease lubrication system
   The spray systems are used to lubricate large gear and pinion sets such asball mills,rod mills,kilns,etc..They are widely applied in power
generation,mine,cement, forging and paper equipment.This lubrication systems can increase gears working life ,reduce maintenance time and costs.
Gear face widths of 50mm to 1.06m can be lubricated with nozzle.The gear spray systems operate intermittently, they can be thought of as film maintaining devices.The electrical controls provide broad cycling flexibility as well as fault monitoring and afterblow to purge the nozzles.
Jilube have two types of open gearing systems;One is single line automatic spray systems,the other is dual-line automatic spray systems.
四、Progressive grease lubrication Systems(PRG)

  The system was developed by the Nanjing jilube a precise mechanical lubrication system PRG, for Viscosity: light oil 20-1600mm2 / s and oil NIGL000-2 # of the lubricant, the pressure range of 1-40MPa, displacement range of 0.05 - 20ml / times; displacement precision and can be shorted out of the oil through the mouth of the adjustment. The system of the equipment needs to continuously cycle oil or similar oil, lubrication points can be less than 200 choices, compact structure, each out of the mouth of displacement depends on the oil Progressive inner sub-Oil structure (that is, the piston stroke and the cross-sectional area). Another feature of this system are: the instructions can be equipped with bar and plug the oil alarm, monitor the whole system will not be missing lubrication points, can be directly reflects the movement of the piston, a volume of the system blockage, or a point not oil , under the direction they stop exercising immediately send alarm signal alarm device. Under the direction of movement through the microcomputer control unit can also realize the timing or counting. The system is widely used in a variety of large, medium, small and heavy machinery equipment.l system components: fuel supply unit, progressive-type distribution unit, micro-computer control unit, pipeline accessories
l How it works: oil unit output pressure oil, the distribution unit into a series of progressive-type plunger according to a certain order to do differential reciprocating motion, the plunger out of the oil port according to the order of the size of the row of oil discharged so accurate oil, until the completion of a movement of each plunger, after which the system to achieve an operation, equipped with micro-computer control unit, equipped with micro-computer controller unit can be automatically oil machinery lubrication from time to time quantitative work
l Application: This system is widely used in mining, steel, metallurgy, water, cement, transport, ports, construction, machine tools, packaging, plastics, forging and other equipment, in particular, is to require exact or high-pressure oil lubrication equipment.
l Its characteristics are as follows
1, precision fuel injection;
2, location of performance, you can separate location operation and monitoring;
3, inspection failures concise;
4, easy to determine the point of failure
5, the system to achieve high-pressure lubrication and lubricate work;
6, easy maintenance and replacement of distribution unit

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